Banners are they an effective way to advertise

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I have recently started to take advantage of the many courses that Business Gateway have on offer in our local area. If you have not attended any of these, I would certainly recommend you do so. If not to learn new things on how to promote you business etc but the networking aspect has been very successful and it’s always great to learn new things from other businesses.

I attended an Advertising and Promotion course today and the course tutor (who previously owned his own business) was telling us about a marketing strategy they implemented to promote one of their services.

Their marketing strategy consisted of direct marketing, banners, radio and cinema. Upon reviewing their statistics on each method they identified that 85% of customers found out about the service through … BANNERS!!

Vinyl Banners are lightweight, cost-effective and durable nature not to mention a great investment for your advertising.

Signs and Banners deliver a significant part of marketing. They are used as effective tools of marketing, public awareness or public relations purposes to promote products and services, special events and generate awareness. This is a standard method of advertising for many large firms however even the small to medium sized businesses who can not afford TV and radio advertisements, choose signs and banners as cost effective tools to target local audiences. However, there are some considerations and appropriate manners about choosing the right banner.

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Lynsey – Business Manager @ Cre-8-ive

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