How important is signage for a business?

How important is signage for a business?

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When starting a business we receive advice on how to set up a business, finances & funding opportunities, how to pitch your products effectively to your customers however one thing that business may not be advised about is how important a creative, attractive sign can help your business stand apart from the competition which ultimately increases your profits and customer base – the fundamental part of any business.

There are many different types of signage available to suit every businesses budgets and visions. Signs can be either be for the interior or exterior of a building and due to advances in digital printing technology, window graphics are becoming highly popular for many businesses.

Types of signage

Outdoor signage can take many forms and are a fantastic way for promoting your branding to help customers identify who you are and what you offer. These can be built up, flat cut lettering, illuminated face or backlit, Fret cut tray, stainless steel flat cut and 3D Cut out letters.

Internal signage is often something businesses don’t consider initially but equally as powerful as any external signage solutions. They offer decoration while reflecting your brand and products from the inside of your business and can take the form of customise Digital Wallpaper, point of sale, retail signs, wall/window graphics, wayfinding and directory signs to name a few. These signage solutions capture people’s eyes, they continue to promote your services in an attractive way while personalising your office or retail space.

Vehicle Graphic Signage is highly popular with business of all sizes. While you are out on the road, parked in the street or visiting a customer’s premises, people are passing and noticing your van and what is on it? Your company logo, contact details and services provided. It’s a non stop marketing solution.

Exterior signs draw attention to your place of business and help differentiate you from others on the street where Interior signs help customers locate merchandise and can lead to impulse sales when added to special displays. That said, there are many things you need to consider including your companies image, vision, colours, sizing, spacing of letters/logo, location of the sign and most importantly ensuring the company you chose to design and manufacture your sign understands what you’re trying to achieve and you work in partnership to achieve this.

Never allow your business signage to become the last thing on your list or an afterthought. A great sign will add to the overall success of your business!

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