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Our Process

“The CRE-8-IVECRE-8-IVE process”

At CRE-8-IVE we know that it’s the small details that make all the difference, which is why we’ve created an end-to-end process that we tailor to meet the needs of every single customer. It’s all about combining customer service and technical excellence so that you end up with something you’re proud to have on display.

Our team come to you and find out all we need to know because as with everything we undertake: preparation is key. Armed with all the measurements, building facilities, and anything else our fitting team need to get to work, we ensure that we get the job done right the first time every time.

Now it’s time for our Creative Director to get to work! By having an expert who can advise how to bring your project to life we’ll be able to make the small tweaks and adjustments that make all the difference. Everything from fonts, sizing, and colouring will be covered to make sure your graphics and signage really standout. We’ll even create a model so that you can make any final changes before we start fabricating!

This is the fun bit for us! As soon as you’re happy with the final design we get down to some serious work. With a unique combination of craftsmanship and cutting edge technology we’ll create something truly special from only the finest materials.

The big day has arrived! Your idea has gone from a dream to reality and today is the day you get stand back and see it in all its glory. Our experienced fitters have all the skills needed to get the job done and will work with you and your point of contact to keep disturbances and downtime to an absolute minimum.

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